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REGD NO; 176 OF 2015

“Blessed is the one who takes refuge
in him.”

We invite people of God to partner with us in extending the LORD’s kingdom. We believe God chose us to do His will and are called by God to be His own holy people and that GOD made us holy by washing our sins in the precious Blood of Jesus and redeeming us from our sins. Jesus is our Savior. Being part of His body we as His children gather and pray for the extension of His kingdom. Through His Holy Spirit, GOD has given us the privilege and authority to pray, serve and exalt His holy name. With patience, hope, peace and confidence, we are seeking His Kingdom. Thanks be to our GOD who made us holy and has called us to serve Him. It’s our privilege to be in His presence. TO GOD BE ALL GLORY.

GOD in His mercy has called us to be His people and we are committed to share the gospel to every person and to fulfill His purpose. We are reaching out to hurting people with the hope of JESUS CHRIST, and building believers. It’s our joy to welcome you all to serve GOD. JESUS is the Way, the truth and life. We as His believers follow the triune God – the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

May god bless you
Our Services

As believers, attending church is an important role.

24X7 Prayer House

The heart of our mission is based on 24/7 prayer which includes prayer and worship, practicing the presence of the Lord.


We broadcast Christian TV programs via TV channels like animation for children.


We provide rooms for stay and hospitality facilities for visiting preachers to fulfil

Bible College

Main hall

Womens Ministry
Josiah's Preaching

by Sree Satish

09 Feb, 2018

Eternal Race

by Sree Satish

02 Jun, 2017

Board Members

Sree Satish - President


Aruna Sree - Vice President


Sri Sanjesh - General Secretary